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The Equitrip Agency was designed to help equestrians locate professional stables for training or internships based on their preferences. We source both free and paid internships. Some students even have a chance to compete at horse shows. For horse lovers, hobby riders and kids, we offer fantastic horseback riding tours and camps in different parts of the world!


The Equitrip Online School helps equestrians study with professionals in the equine industry. We have online courses and webinars for riders, grooms, veterinarians, trainers, and horse owners.


Go Social represent the largest group of Dutch and International influencers in the equestrian world. Our influencers fall into different categories and niches, with a reach spanning from a few thousand to over 500,000 followers. Our talented individuals have grown through blogs, YouTube, and social media or have created an online fan base through their fame in equestrian sports.


Together we will work with you to craft a plan, develop a strategy, create content and produce stories for your brand that will appeal to your target audience!

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